Friday, July 3, 2015

final class images!

Thanks everyone for your hard work!  I can really tell you all have learned and improved throughout the class.  this is my greatest reward as a teacher.  :)

class back on

Sorry my internet was out, it is back up, and of course my phone is run off the internet so everything was non functional.

log in if you are still out there!

Hey Deborah Ive been trying to log in too and so far it says that he hasnt shown up and i dont know if its an internet probelm on my end either...

Anyone else able to log in to class?

I know my internet has been really annoyingly crazy.. But I can't log in.. Been trying for almost 15 mins.

Deborah Week 8

julia hw 8

Week 7 - Sarah

Amilton - Homework week7



Friday, June 19, 2015

Tonal interior

Do tonal drawing of your interior from last week.

Break down the layers into:

0.Tone back the canvas to 30%- 50%

1. Shadow
Remember to pay attention to first, where the shadows are and aren't. Secondly what the edges are like.  ie, Hard or soft.
2. Accents
where 2 or more planes meet, and holes or pockets where light canno't reach
3. Local Values
the dark or light of an object, eg light wood, dark iron, etc
4. Hilights
Areas where light or glints of light appear

5.Seconday darks

Interior environment Deborah

Amilton - Homework week5